Frequently Asked Questions

How does Particle work?

Particle is a hybrid bulb that emits both white light and Gentle UV. The white light illuminates your space while Gentle UV disinfects germs. This technology inactivates pathogens while leaving humans unaffected. Within a few hours of exposure to the light emitted by Particle, germs are eliminated.

Particle has a smart sensor which pauses disinfecting when you approach the bulb. In basic terms, Particle lights your space when you’re there and disinfects when you’re gone.

You can choose how it works:

Standard Mode

When your light switch is on, the white light is on and Gentle UV automatically disinfects. 

When you enter the room, Gentle UV pauses disinfecting until you leave the room.

Lifestyle Mode

When you enter the room, the white light turns on and Gentle UV pauses disinfecting. When you leave the room, the white light turns off and Gentle UV continues disinfecting.

Particle is designed to kill germs on household surfaces.

Note: While Gentle UV uses UV-A light that has been tested and proven to be safe around people, Gentle UV is not effective in killing germs on human skin.

Is Particle safe?


First of all, Particle has a smart sensor which pauses disinfecting when you approach the bulb. That means you should never be exposed to any UV light.

Second of all, even if you were somehow exposed to UV light, Particle uses Gentle UV which is a low dose blend of UV-A light that has been tested and proven to be safe around people. For reference, 8 hours of continuous exposure to Gentle UV is the equivalent of 2 minutes of sunlight. We’ve found the sweet spot where germs are susceptible but it’s safe for people.

Was Particle tested in a lab?


Particle has been tested and proven to deactivate up to 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 by Texas Biomedical Research Institute, an independent non-profit organization specialized in genetics and in virology and immunology and a global leader in their field. The are home to a CDC-regulated bio-safety level-4 laboratory.

How long does Gentle UV take to disinfect?

In practice, 2 to 8 hours a day should be adequate. It’s difficult to give an exact answer because the exact distance to your bulbs, the type of germs, and the amount of time exposed are all factors. The longer you leave your Particle bulbs on, the more they disinfect. You can also leave your Particle bulbs on overnight. In this case we suggest using Lifestyle Mode (see answer above).

How do I know if my Particle bulb is disinfecting?

The Gentle UV indicator on the bulb face will subtly glow purple when the bulb is disinfecting.

How do I switch between the Standard and Lifestyle Modes?

Flip the light switch on and off 5 times within 5 seconds. The bulb will toggle between Standard - Lifestyle - Standard, etc.

Will Particle increase my energy bill?

Particle bulbs use approximately the same amount of power as two normal energy-efficient LED bulbs. If you choose to leave your bulbs on for long periods to increase disinfecting, you will use more power overall. Using Particle for approximately 8 hours per day should have an energy cost of ~$12 per year, subject to your local energy costs.

Does Particle fit in regular light sockets?


Particle bulbs use a standard E26 (Edison Screw) light bulb, which is the most common USA screw-in light fixture. Particle bulbs are great for recessed lighting, hanging pendants, and anywhere else you use regular bulbs.


What is ultraviolet light? Is it visible to the human eye?

The term UV (ultra-violet) covers a wavelength spectrum from 100nm to 400 nm. Visible light covers a wavelength spectrum from 400nm - 700nm. UV is invisible to the human eye. 

Lightwave spectra are categorized below:

Visible light (400 to 700nm) - safe

UV-A (315 to 400 nm) - safe in low doses

UV-B (280 to 315 nm) - unsafe in low doses

UV-C (100 to 280 nm) - extremely dangerous even in low doses

X rays (0.01 to 10nm) - don’t put one of these in your light socket

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Why is UV-C dangerous and Gentle UV safe?

UV-C light can surpass the radiation tolerance of human skin within seconds. This can cause radiation damage like tanning, burning, or worse. In contrast, Gentle UV is much safer. For example, 8 hours of continuous exposure to Gentle UV is equivalent to only 2 minutes of sunlight. Even though it’s safe, Particle’s smart sensor automatically turns off Gentle UV when you’re near the bulb, so you’re never exposed.

Is UV-C light effective for disinfecting at home?


We don’t think UV-C products are effective at home because they are too dangerous to be used when people are around, and many people use them incorrectly. For example, hand wands require long pauses holding the light (15 seconds or more) before moving to the next area. Another problem with these products is that they must be isolated planned activities. Particle effortlessly integrates into your existing lifestyle.

Can Particle kill the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19?


Technically a virus cannot “die”, because it isn’t alive. Gentle UV light targets the RNA structure of a virus and breaks it. This prevents the virus from replicating and is essentially “dead.”

Particle has been tested and preliminary data proves that it can deactivate up to 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19 by Texas Biomedical Research Institute, an independent non-profit organization specialized in genetics and in virology and immunology and a global leader in their field.

Can Particle kill other germs?


In addition to the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, Particle has also been proven to eliminate E.Coli, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella. We are constantly adding to this list and will publish any new findings here.

Will Particle eliminate pathogens in the air?


Particle can’t inactivate pathogens in the air. The amount of UV light required to inactivate pathogens in the air is extremely high and would be dangerous to be near. Our design is focused on safely disinfecting static surfaces like your kitchen countertop, floors or bathroom sink.

Do I still need to clean my surfaces by hand?

Particle will provide an additional level of cleaning and peace of mind but you should continue other effective cleaning regimens.

Is Particle compliant with applicable government requirements?

Particle complies with all policies issued by FDA and EPA.

Will Particle breed superbacteria?


The medical community recognizes that overuse of anti-bacterial drugs can lead to drug-resistant bacteria. Fortunately, Particle will not have the same effect. Our bulb kills bacteria by striking chemical bonds in its DNA with photons that are the right wavelength to damage it. When the DNA is damaged, the bacteria can’t reproduce, and they start to die. In the future bacteria will continue to evolve, but their DNA will always be held together with the same chemical bonds, and these will always be susceptible to Particle’s light.

Safety & Use

Can Particle harm me? (e.g. skin cancer)


Particle uses Gentle UV light which is safe for people. The smart sensor also means you should never be exposed, and thus is safe to be around 24/7.

Can Particle hurt my eyes?

Human eyes are very sensitive so you shouldn’t stare directly into the Particle bulb, like you shouldn’t with any normal light bulb. Gentle UV can damage your eyes if you stare at it for extended periods.

Is it safe for children to be exposed to this type of light?


Gentle UV is safe for children and adults alike.

Should I only use Particle bulbs when no one is in the room?

Particle bulbs are safe to use whether people are in the room or not. The bulb will disinfect when the smart sensor detects no one is near the bulb.

Will Particle disinfect my floors?

Yes, but it may take longer than killing the bacteria and viruses on your tabletop. Our lab tests were conducted at a distance of 1 foot, 3 feet, and 5 feet. The closer the surfaces are to your light bulb the quicker it disinfects.

Does having multiple bulbs disinfect better than just one?

More light hitting a given surface area means more disinfecting power. At 5 feet away, Gentle UV will cover an area of around 4 feet diameter. Multiple bulbs will cover a larger area. 

Just replace the old light bulbs in your existing fixtures with Particle bulbs to start disinfecting.


What are Particle’s technical specifications?

- Bulb Style: BR-30

- Screw Base Size: E26

- Voltage: 120V

- Wattage (Standard Mode): 30W

- Wattage (Lifestyle Mode): 20W

- Light appearance: 3200K

- Brightness: 850 lumens

- Location: Indoor use

- Product height: 5.45 inches

- Bulb diameter: 4.22 inches

What are Particle’s dimensions? 

The dimensions are:

- Product height: 5.45 inches

- Bulb diameter: 4.22 inches

What color temperature is the Particle bulb?

Particle bulbs illuminate your space using high quality Cree brand LEDs to gave a very pleasant normal warm white light (3200K). The Gentle UV may fluoresce (glow) subtly with specific materials like white cloth and white paper but is invisible on most objects. This is a natural phenomena and means your space is being disinfected.

Can I use Particle with dimmable light switches?

Yes, as long as you leave the dimmer at its maximum brightness. Particle bulbs can’t be dimmed with a wall dimmer.

Is Particle energy efficient in the same way as normal LED bulbs?


Particle using energy efficient LED’s, similar to most household LED light bulbs.

How often will I have to replace my Particle bulbs?

If used ~8 hours per day, Particle bulbs will last 10-15 years.

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